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Feb 29, 2012, 10:27 AM

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Microraven 150 @ 1.25 WL

hi all,

got my harness and reserve used this last summer and after a quick inspection at the DZ and a ok by my instructors i bought it. the AAD had been removed but the reserve was strill in the freebag and there it sat until now. i will be getting my main next week and AAD and plan to go and and hook them up. I am doing some things to learn rigging like inspecting canopies with a rigger there and checking harnesses so i thought i would give this reserve a quick look over at home and to let it breathe a little before repack.

Now to the point.

the max exit weight on this is 153 pounds as stated on the tag
according to google translate i weigh about 178 pounds this would give me a WL of 1.25 and be almost 25 pounds over max.

Does anyone have recent experience with this reserve? is it common to overload reserves this much? is this max weight just to keep the WL at 1:1 although it can handle more?

I would not want this thing ripping in half just when i need it :S

i did a search and it mainly yielded older info that i could not post on.

I plan to run over this with the riggers and others at our DZ but that wont be tll next week so im here for opinions.


EDIT* otherwise the WL does not worry me and i was aware of it when i bought it :)

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