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Feb 28, 2012, 11:54 AM

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Re: [theplummeter] Tm's and depression

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I think Dave offered some excellent advice that's working for a large number of pilots and may help the original poster.

If you disagree, find a pilot on the HIMS program and ask him or her to register here and share how cheap and easy it is to get back flying. A friend of mine (used to be a coworker) decided to seek help for his alcoholism. Despite never having an issue at work, no DUI convictions, and no criminal record the FAA pulled his medical and he has been on HIMS and in the special issuance loop in Oklahoma City for over two years now. It took him eighteen months to get a Class 2 and he has to travel 900 miles twice a year to see their doctor for his physicals and follow ups.

Two points~

1) I'm not in any way disagreeing with what Dave is saying, read carefully and you'll see how I clearly stated PAPER TRAIL.

I intended for the perception to be that one must take measures to insure that later down the road you don't lose everything you now or ever will hope to own.

You think is expensive and time consuming reinstating a medical?

Try dealing with the consequences of lying on one, especially in which you or an employer have some liability.

I understand the slippery slope, I live in a community of professional pilots, heck I'm married to one with over 30,000 hours of jet time who takes a mandatory physical every 6 months.

I fully understand what the game is, and how it's played...probably better than most.

That being said~
(point #2) Sometimes there IS an issue (or more) serious enough that one one just HAS to bite the bullet and do the right thing in an act of unselfish concern for the greater good...

Do YOU want a loved one's life in the hands of someone that truly shouldn't be in the air...but is 'playing the game' to keep a medical they don't deserve?

There is an ethical question involved, at what point do you consider the issues you're not being forthcoming about serious enough to stop skirting around?

It's horribly unfortunate that concern for one's livelihood might keep them from properly addressing some health issue that if left unaddressed is little more than a ticking time bomb...Crazy

You place your bet and ya spin the wheel~

All I'm saying is that IF you choose to dance on that fine line, protect yourself.

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