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Feb 28, 2012, 6:38 AM

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Re: [stcktm] Tm's and depression

My question is: as i am a tm if i was to go and get an official diagnosis etc could this jeopardise my rating/medical/job?

Yes. Be super careful who you talk to about this, you could lose your medical in a hurry. Getting it back is not easy or cheap.

Just playing 'armchair doctor' here, but have you tried the basic, non-medical remedies? Maybe start an exercise routine and new diet? Being more physically healthy can never hurt, and it will give you daily goals and activities to focus on. Maybe some sort of other 'lifestyle' change? A yoga class? A new hobby?

I know that being a 'professional' jumper can lead to somewhat of a 'free form' lifestyle. You don't work every day, you don't work at the same times when you do, there's a lot of unexpected free time with the weather and such, and that doesn't always 'work' for everyone.

Try to build some sort of structure into your life, and see if that helps. Get a routine or some kind, and stick to it for awhile. You said it yourself, the job is great and the money is great, but those 'highs' don't help you get through the times when you're not jumping and making $50/hour. Truth is, they probably set you up for feeling even 'lower' during your off times. Establish some goals for yourself away from the jumping (maybe even study to become a rigger?) and see if you can focus on those when your not chucking drouges.

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