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Feb 26, 2012, 1:59 AM

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Re: [MADPROPS] what would you do?

Hey MadProps Smile

To answer some of your questions:

1. Yes, absolutely. The Phantom 2 or now 3 is both an excellent beginner suit, but also one that you can fly for many, many more years to come. I'm fortunate in that I have pretty much every suit we make and the Phantom is the one that stays on my rig 90% of the time. I can coach in it, flock with it, make awesome performance solos, learn.. Absolutely everything.

2. Nope, as said - It's a really great all rounder!

3. Body vs suit size is a little bit of a myth. Your size in a Phantom will be great. Once you learn to fly it properly I bet you a steak dinner you'll be flying rings around those who bought bigger suits because they thought they needed to and haven't fully learned to fly them. Don't fall into the upsizing trap - A phantom will last you a very, very long time. If and when you ever want to look at a bigger suit, you can either keep your Phantom for say acro or flocking, or sell it easily - there's a big demand for them second hand.

The 'sweet spot' isn't really a wing loading type comment, it's more about finding the best way to fly a certain suit. All are slightly different to get the most optimal flight performance out of them - but this is something you learn after flying the suit a lot Smile

Where are you looking to make your skydiving trip?

As to lead times - we're actually only running to 6 weeks at the moment, which we're also working on bringing down.

Tell you what, book your trip - start busting out your jumps and when you hit 150ish, email me and we'll try and sort your order so you have the suit for when you're ready. How about that?

The other option of course is depending on where you book your trip, many coaches have demo suits which are either free to use for coaching, or have a very minimal charge to cover wear and tear. Get your jumps up, then decide if you actually like WSing - then if you do, hollar and we can sort your order out.

I would strongly suggest heading over to Elsinore and seeking out Spot (DSE on here) as he'll be able to get you sorted and you'll be jumping a lot!

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