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JohnRich  (D License)

Feb 20, 2012, 8:45 AM

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Re: [SStewart] Winter BOD Meeting

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I see, so they had an opportunity to do something cool to honor long time members who have paid for lifetime memberships many times over and they decided to vote against it.

What are the numbers? How many members are there with over 25 years of continuous membership? How much money is that in membership dues? What is the effect of the loss of that on the budget?

There are about 32,000 members. If 1,000 of those are 25-year members, that's a $55,000 per year budget hit - a not insubstantial amount. And it's not a one-time expense, it's every year.

Before I take a position on such a proposal, I need to know the numbers...

Furthermore, it's kind of a welfare mentality. If I'm still jumping and still receiving the magazine (which accounts for a substantial portion of the USPA budget), then I ought to still pay to support the organization which keeps me jumping and informed. I don't look for a free ride just because I've been around a while.

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