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Re: [JohnRich] What's the proper exit order?

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You have two solo jumpers by the door, in front of a load full of tandems. Solo jumper A is doing a belly-fly jump and will pull at 3,500 feet. Solo jumper B is doing head down and will pull at 2,500 feet.

Generally, belly flyers exit before head-downers because freefall wind drift will increase the separation between the two. Also, low-openers generally go before high-openers, to prevent the possibility of freefall-canopy collisions. But in the above scenario, these two factors are in conflict with each other.

So, what is the proper exit order for these two jumpers?

In this scenario only, I voted for number 2 "Fast-falling low-openers before slow-falling high-openers."
We run in to this from time to time at a 182 DZ with a tandem on it which leaves two slots.
Change the scenario one inch on either side and the margin of risk is a much greater change - as is my vote.

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