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Re: [JackC1] What's the proper exit order?

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Is exit order the only thing that governs separation at pull time? No it isn't but it will affect congestion in the pattern.

If you leave a big enough gap (distance, not time) then any exit order will give you adequate separation at pull time. If your jump run is cross wind, or nil wind, then pull time separation will be virtually unaffected by free fall drift. If jump run is down wind, then free fall drift will work against you.

You can have your cake and eat it if you think a bit harder. Or you can jump to a conclusion, parrot the party line and bash anyone who dares to question it.

don't forget throw - it can big a pretty big difference as well (if all the groups know how to stay stable on the hill anyway)

I hope this isn't wry personal bash on me. If you look above, I make note in a couple posts about varying exit time for non-standard order, I also note way up there about the rules changing for different wind and jump run conditions other than "typical" and in my first post on this thread I specifically noted that my answer was specific to 'typical' jump run and wind conditions (go see them)

hell, in my response directly to you I added an edit noting that if the RW following the FF group was assumed with a longer separation delay, then I'd give you a different answer

so just who are you griping to?

find some exit separation threads, there is good commentary about mixing around the order and how that extends the total jump run time, etc. good discussions

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