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Feb 13, 2012, 2:00 PM

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Re: [guineapiggie101] learning to freefly/backfly in tunnel

In terms of mitigating risk, I think diablopilot or someone else with sufficient tunnel experience and training, plus years as an instructor would be better to explain the different risks and how to mitigate them. That is an area where experience absolutely plays a factor in.

And you can get more than bumps and bruises from flying into the wall, or you could fly right out the door etc. Like diablopilot said said, there have been significant injuries. My point was agreeing that on a per basis level it is less risky.

Diablopilot even advocated at one point (different thread) that students should go through S/L or an idea mix of tandem, S/L training before moving to AFF because the combination of the AFF learning curve and the canopy learning curve can be too much for some.

By his logic, then removing the canopy portion, should therefore be safer than having both. Although still carries risk.

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