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Feb 9, 2012, 5:55 AM

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Re: [spootch] In what situations can you fall out of the harness?

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Theres nothing wrong with having a snug chest strap. keeping the chest strap loose to "arch" is nothing but a shitty old myth.

In defense of loose chest straps:

We're not talking about dangling loose. Or are you?

A chest strap can be too snug to comfortably arch in. I certainly "test arch" when adjusting my chest strap so it isn't restricting me. What feels just right when standing straight is too tight when arching. So I sure as hell leave my chest strap loose.

Or does everyone else's rigs fit better than mine?

And one sees people with fully articulated rigs (including chest rings) who snug the chest strap in so much that it looks from the front like their harness is "X" shaped not "H" shaped. That's way too snug, even if the extra flex of the harness can require a little more snugness than a non-articulated harness.

And there are plenty of times I've adjusted a student's chest strap looser. They might feel safer when held in like with a straight jacket, but there's a level of looseness that keeps the lift webs straight to load the harness properly, keeps the harness on the shoulders, and still gives the student movement and the ability to arch.

So I can't agree with you unless you are talking about some behavior where leaving the chest strap loose enough to dangle down in an deep arc was the trend.

And I don't want newbies to think that yanking that chest strap TIGHT is the right way to go.

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