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Feb 9, 2012, 4:34 AM

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Re: [obelixtim] Flying a Biplane or side by side

thanks for the support. I think we need a real study on the effects of flying two parachutes out of varying sizes and typically wing loading that students have. And no one except perhaps large manufacturers or the military has the resources to do that study.

Some of the given "conclusions" that disturb me:

1. Landing a bi-plane with no flare. Maybe with a Manta and a Raven III reserve with a 170lb student yes. But a 200lb student with a Navigator 240 and a PD 235 reserve?

2. Side by side cannot be cut away safely. I think it can and with probably zero or near-zero probability of entanglement

3. Bi-plane cannot be cutaway with the main in front. It sounds totally logical to everyone, even me, but the fact is that we have no data to support the number of times it might result in a main/reserve entanglement.

We have had a million jumps at Skydive City since I arrived here in 1995. A handful of 2 canopy out situations. Never had one with a student. EVERY TIME, the person cutaway and landed their reserve. I do not remember anyone ever landing two canopies.

So our experience is cutaway - no matter what, but the sample is still too small to make a conclusion, so I do not make that conclusion.

But I MOST DEFINITELY question the logic behind "landing a bi-plane with no flare".


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