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Feb 7, 2012, 6:46 AM

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Re: [Ron] Coach Course/Camera Requirements Re-visited.

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Uh, you ignored how a coach is under supervision of an Instructor, how he is in a structured training program and how he has limits on what he can and cannot do. The same cannot be said of a guy with a gopro

It is OK that you disagree, but you could at least discuss the topic YOU started or have the decency to not reply if you are going to ignore the majority of the response given.

OK. Point taken. mea culpa... apologies extended. This has been a sticking point for me for a long time. The issue at Emerald City only brings to light the need for an either equal to or greater than requirement to become a "Coach." At issue is that jumper had one jump shy of being able to enroll in the Coach Course, whereas, the USPA recommends that one have 200 jumps to even exit the A/C with a GoPro on your head.

So, what we have is a somebody can have the skills and proficiency to work with real live human beings at 100 jumps, but can't strap on an inanimate object until 200. Let me postulate the following issues:

1. Does this make any sense?

2. I very much understand the Coach Course and responsibilities having done several myself and the tenets being met are the minimum requirements for entry and not the maximum requirements for entry. We've all seen it. I've had Coach students who couldn't even properly cock their own P/C; but passed on all the core competencies for the course.

3. How many of us have seen the number of DZs that utilize the Coach rating as a revenue generation tool, rather than an educational tool for the student. I think wolfriverjoe's comment of, "The coach rating is supposed to be a license to learn how to be an instructor" sums it up. Even at those DZ's that don't use it as a revenue device for themselves, then it's still a financial device for a Coach to learn how to become an Instructor. Personally, I think the Coach course should be done away with and one should become an Instructor - Period. IMO - there should be a week long Instructor Training Course for AFF/I, one for TI (unless the AFF/I is held) and one for S/L and IAD. A true Instructor's Training Course - not an evaluation course. And, before we go down that road... most of use hit at LEAST one boogie per annum. If you truly want to become an Instructor, then our sport demands the best Instructor Training Course that one can get - so skip a boogie and become an Instructor.

4. If the goal is to stay at the minimums, then let's ask ourselves this... wouldn't it be much better and if we truly want Coach Designation to be one of a "path to AFF/I," then shouldn't we expect the requirements to be at least half that of an AFF/I. Let's consider flipping the requirements for camera and Coach. Make the Camera requirement 100 jumps and the Coach Course at least 200 or 250 jumps and/or 3 hours of freefall time. After all, if one of the three primary responsibilities of the Coach is to debrief and they are just a "reference point in the sky..." Then, how about that "Coach" be able to show the student some video during the debrief?

Just one man's opinion for a higher standard for the Coach rating (with the example of Emerald City) or the implementation of an Instructor's Training Course.

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