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Feb 3, 2012, 10:35 AM

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Should a new jumper carry a hook knife?

I've used my knife a couple of times 'So Far' in my Skydiving career.

The 1st time to cut the static-line of a student in tow, and the second on a reserve line-over.

I don't do CReW so (for me) those two instances are about the only times I can (off the top of my head) think of where a hook-knife is an actual necessity...maybe slicing a stuck seat-belt in the event of an airplane crash evacuation.

You really have to be aware of what needs to be done and do it right if you're attempting any in-air rigging.

On the reserve line-over I had, I cut two of the WRONG lines prior to taking a hard look and doing it right. Trust me any more cutting in the wrong place might have been a drastic be DAMN careful what you're doing.

That being said, I ALWAYS carry two on sport jumps and usually 3 on demos.

I have a couple of Bench-made knives, and several aluminum handled single blade units the gear store sells at my home DZ.

A couple of things I'd like to mention~

The cheapo plastic handle junkers are only good for cutting pull-up cords when packing. They are next to useless.

As someone stated earlier, if you decide on a knife that's blade replaceable...get the single blade unit only. Double blade knives sound better in theory, but material can bind up the blades and render it useless.

When deciding where to put your knife, make sure you can get to it quickly & easily with either hand.

Your hook-knife is a last ditch 'tool' you carry to save your life if/when necessary...treat it as such.

Check it now & then...keep it clean, sharp & rust free...importantly ~ NEVER cut anything with it unless you're in an emergency situation.

Unnecessary use may ding or dull the blade making it less efficient when you actually need to save yer butt.

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