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airtwardo  (D License)

Feb 2, 2012, 12:00 PM

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Re: [drjump] Piglets

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I don't remember any more isolation than a para-commander.

My memory is fading with time as well...but didn't the Piglet reserves tend to swing a lot loaded heavy as opposed to the mains being a lot more stable..?

I made a few on a main, as a heavier jumper it didn't seem to isolate all that badly IIRC, saw a couple of reserve rides though and they did look rather 'sporty'.

Edited to add:
I used a 23' Tri-Con as a reserve for years, now THAT thing would isolate...especially with 240#'s suspended under it!! Crazy

~ya really hoped the timing of the swing was such that the parachute didn't touch the ground BEFORE you did ! Cool

So maybe MY definition of severe oscillation... is a little different than other peoples. Angelic

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