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Jan 30, 2012, 12:34 PM

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Re: [Krip] DZ nicknames

Some years back I stopped by a little 'private club' a guy I jumped with in the 70's had on his farm in Illinois.

His son was getting into jumping so to keep an eye on him he made a DZ at home. Cool

In time to just make the last load which my old friend was flying, the 25 or so skydivers at the 'invatation only' DZ are lookin like who's this guy.
So when I land the introductions and beer are being handed out.

1/2 way through the circle this super sweet ultra hot 20something in a bikini shakes my hand and says "I'm CG"

"C.G. what's that stand for?" I asked.

It's an aviation're obviously NOT a pilot!"

"You're the Center of Gravity?" I inquire somewhat confused...Blush

"No...Cum Guzzler" Angelic

As I choked & the beer shot outta my ears...I pulled out my 'Private' ticket! Sly

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