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Re: [Krip] DZ nicknames

Back in the '70s at my home club DZ just about everybody had a nickname...

Iron Man ~ was strange a guy in his late 30's who would show up at the DZ in an OLD rusted out chevy station-wagon.
In the back were 5 matching well used mini-systems with identical jumbo PCs in them, he had one reserve.
He'd jump 5 times, load up the car, get wasted & head home.
They called him Iron Man because he had a pair of leg braces like Forrest Gump wore. Years prior as a student he got caught up in the lines of an opening parachute and it pulled his knees apart. Walked funny but he was jumping!
He took a couple of us n00bs to a local bar to celebrate SCR's IIRC, he bought every round with a brand new 100 dollar bill...back in the 70's!! Crazy Weird d00d.

Kaptian K ~ Guy I knew from high school, year ahead of me. I went to the senior prom & he went to Vietnam. We took our FJC together, Unbelievable larger than life luck on that guy, he was Forrest Gump before there WAS one.
He picked up the nickname because like a cartoon character he'd walk away from no-shit certain death half a dozen times a day..EVERY freakin' DAY! Crazy

Finally caught up with him in spades, he balled up a borrowed Queen Air late one night at a little unlighted strip, with his GF riding shotgun.
She got pretty busted up so he dragged her to his Trans AM and lit out to the medics.

Hit a damn power-pole 1/2 there and balled up the car too. Both bruised up but nothing damaged permanent...unlike like his Airman Ticket. Used the GI Bill to get everything...Double I Multi, ATP, A& name it he had, just started flyin corporate when everything went really really REALLY bad. Unimpressed

...put it this way, the Feds yanked it for life, on appeal they said don't EVER call us again, we'll call you. Tongue

K told me at the hearing the 'judge' said something to the effect, if you're reincarnated...they guy you come BACK as will NEVER FLY! ShockedPirateSly

Hulk ~ Guy about my age that was 5'8" (in heels) and over 250 lbs...with NO fat on him. I use to tell him an inch taller and he'd be round.

Tough SOB, saw him stand up a 22' reserve in fairly brisk winds on concrete once...his Frenchies left about 18 inch long down-wind skid marks, but he didn't go down! Shocked

Hollywood~ Late 20's, great jumper & the nicest guy. Had movie actor good looks, S.F. VietVet with a star over his jump wings.
Had every rating available back then.
Drove a 427 Vette rag-top and always had a different fox riding shotgun. Get this..'real name' was John Wayne.CoolLaugh

Pickles~ guy a few years older than me, no idea about the nick name other than he HATED it.
Years later after college etc. I moved to the left coast, walkin' onto the 'Snore DZ I spot a guy packing that looks familiar ...HEY PICKLES!
---Boy was PISSED Sly

Twardo~ That Be Me...abbreviated version of my long and for some, hard to say & spell last name.
High School football coach branded me with it, said 'my real' name would have to be continued on the jersey of the guy next to me. Laugh

I was an 'early days' TI and picked up the 'AirTwardo' nickname for a while. A DZO employer joked that since I'm a bigger guy, students didn't harness in, the walked up a jet-way to get ON. Assigning students to TM's over the DZ PA it was common to hear ~ Robert H. you are flying 1st class on Air ~ Twardo today....Crazy

Met and became friends for years with ole Shorty, out of Lincoln, did a lotta Liberty Team demos with him. Traveled to some far away places SCUBA diving with him too.
A genuine, triple digit D, hard-core icon in the sport...dunno why but he & I just clicked and were always pretty tight. I miss him.

hummm...who else. Angelic

Edited to add: HOW could I forget!? Crazy

Anybody know...?

Who the Fuck is ELMO?! SlyCool

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