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Jan 29, 2012, 9:43 AM

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Re: [hparrish] Start freeflying

You MUST have 1,000,000 jumps before you start freeflying. Otherwise you may get better than your coaches too fast. Also you must have a freely friendly rig such as a Dolphin before you even consider learning in the tunnel. You also must do 1000 solo freely jumps so you don't track up jump run. It is illegal to start free flying with a group of friends until you have paid Olav Zipser for a freely license. Once you start free flying you will have to downsize to a 96 Square foot Velo, and a PD 103 Reserve, but first you will need to pay Jim Slaton for a swooping license. After exactly 99 Freefly jumps into your training it is mandatory to go to the next WR Camp and see how quickly you can make it to the base. You need to follow all these rules or you will die. Otherwise its just too dangerous and you need to stick to belly jumping.

Classic stuff and very funny. Too bad there was a time when people believed some of this stuff.

Backflying is certainly not a mandatory skill outside of the tunnel, but I see it as the far end of a range of flight when on your feet. It has been a useful way to stay with someone or quickly get back to them if there is a dramatic change in fall-rate.

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