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Re: [JohnRich] Night RW

O.K. well, I have my Nomex flame suit on for this one. There were no other than round formations to speak of when I started jumping other than the ocassional Snowflake. About 1977/78 things started to change. Steve Fielding was the large load organizer back in those days and about the only other formation was a snowflake either on the legs or between the legs which led to other stuff and Steve started doing less and less of the Round Stars and more of the formations. I told Steve one Day that the formations were a lot easier to fly but that the skill level was going down on the ocassional 20 man that we were putting together people didn't know how to fly the rounds. He said that was true but we were getting a lot bigger formations. At that time the largest round star was the 32 man that was put together over Corona/Ontario for the Jerry Lewis telethon and that puppy was flying on five or six different levels and moving back and forth and was tough to keep together. The Night star over Perris in '75 was flying on about 3/4 different levels and was moving in and out really bad until we got it setteled down. It took a LOT of flyhing skill to fly those large round stars.

When Capt Hook got back from China They were doing a bunch of RW at Perris one weekend and I was home. I got a call from Dale Thurber on Sat eve. and he said "Larry, you got to get down here" I said "whats going on" He said "Capt hook is going base for anybody who wants to make a 20 man, I made three 20 mans today." I immediately headed down there for some serious RW. I made 4 round 20 mans that Sunday and I think we were only getting 10,500, How many do you think could be made like that today? Lets face it, it's true and I am not trying to belittle RW work but the air flows around the formations a lot better than it does the rounds.

I have my large fire extinguisher handy. Please send pics of me being hung in efigy.

Please forgive me for saying man" instead of "way" they were all "mans" wether there were men or women in them in the old days, i'm a creature of habit.

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