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Jan 10, 2012, 10:18 AM

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Re: [baronn] cessna 182 RG is it good for skydiving?

You'll want to fly jump run with the gear up so no one tries to use it as a step since it won't take any weight at all...

Please explain that to me. It carries the weight of the plane, which is far more than the weight of a skydiver, so why would a skydiver, or two, standing on it be a problem?

it's designed to carry the weight of the plane from the bottom up, not the weight of 2 people from the top down. they are pretty dependable but, like anything that can work it sometimes doesn't and will of course need more attention if it gets more work. I did 6 tandems from a 210 in Honduras. that sucker was fast! turbocharged. short climb and then the pilot was getting yanked around by ATC. no cut. had to be the other side of 140 the 1st time. balled up to make sure we cleared the tail. slowed down some on the others. Fun times and nice ride.

I've heard that argument before, but I've always been a bit skeptical of it. Thinking through it outloud here... A C-182 weighs about 2,500 lbs. In landing, the nose is often held off the ground and the two rear wheels absorb the impact, so they have to be designed to handle at least 1,250 lbs each. More actually, to allow for G-loads from descent rate. Probably up to a couple thousand pounds each by design.

So, a piece of steel that is designed to take a load of over 1,200 lbs from the bottom pushing up, I wouldn't think would have much problem holding 500 lbs. or so from two skydivers from the top pushing down. That's just my logical side thinking about it.

Not doubting the validity of your aspect of the direction of the load, as I don't know how that piece of steel is attached to the frame and such.

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