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Dec 31, 2011, 3:21 PM

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Re: [Andrewwhyte] Is swooping pushing the envelope?

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Swooping was pushing the envelope when ...

Swooping by it's very nature, is the act of pushing the envelope. Good grief swoopers are purposely trying to induce as much speed as they can (hopefully within their limits). Having inexperienced or uncurrent people die because they were pushing the envelope is NOT good. The margin for errors in swooping is slime to nil. But even the best know the risks and could fall prey to the risks if there is an ounce of complacency.

As Ian says "Define Swooping" because large BASE canopies can be swooped just as small pocket rocket canopies are swooped. And of course not all swoopers are created equal. There is a big difference between the best swoopers in the world and the other swoopers who have the skill to compete against the best, but do not have what it takes to win competitions. Then of course there is a big difference between the competition level swooper and the beer line swooper and of course a big difference between the beer line swoopers and the wannabees.

Most of us can agree (I thought we came to this conclusion several years ago) that swoopers must be segregated by everyone else by time or space (or better yet both time and space). But there seems to be a mentality by some to want to "Ban Swooping". You know you are a swooper (this usually applies to the competition level swooper) when all you want to do, is swoop. Non-swoopers can not understand this need swoopers have to swoop.

"Define Swooping" ... I was only starting to learn how to do freestyle on the pond when I stopped being current as a swooper and thus had to hang up any ambitions I had towards competing against the best. But I always loved watching the best, skim across the pond, take their shoe off, show the shoe to the crowd, put their shoe back on and proceeded to land their canopies on the dry side of the pond. If swooping is ever banned, it will be a sad day for the evolution of skydiving. None of us gets out of here alive.

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