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davelepka  (D 21448)

Dec 28, 2011, 8:21 AM

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Re: [shah269] Model's Propeller Accident

I don't mean to be rude....but...Darwin?
Paging Darwin?
Hi gorgeous that spinning thing in front of the aircraft doesn't care how cute you are....

Well, you failed, and that was rude. There's nothing 'natural' about a spinning prop, especially at night. Implying that she was 'selected' to walk into it based on the theory of evolution is just dumb.

When we reference Darwin in explaining jump accidents, most of the time the victim had been warned or had previous knowledge/training with regards to what eventually 'got' them. In those cases, when someone isn't smart enough to heed the advice/warnings/training provided to them, in that case a snarky 'Darwin' remark isn't entirely inapropriate.

In this case, the young lady was inexperienced around aircraft and presumably had no training as to how to approach a running aircraft. You could say it common sense, but these accidents suggest otherwise. Even in bright daylight, a spinning prop is all but invisible, and at night is that much worse. The general public is not accustomed to being around running machinery with exposed moving parts. Most people are used to cars, which make noise but have all the moving parts safely inside of the body structure. You can safely walk all around a running car, and that's the association most people will make.

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