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Dec 11, 2011, 7:04 AM

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Re: [Austintxflight] Wind Tunnel vs Freefall

The instructors I've had in the tunnel, even the ones who have never actually made a skydive, but have hundreds of hours flying in the tunnel always seem to the be first to chime in how little they know about it. So even the few that are not jumpers but have hundreds of hours in the tunnel do not come across as arrogant or flippant of the risks, it seems the opposite because there are a million jumpers there telling them just what the risks are.

Thanks for taking the time to state the obvious.

The post that revived the thread was asking about the differences between tunnel time and actual jumps. I don't think the guy wanted to hear that a tunnel is inside and you fly without a rig, and that a skydive is outside and you jump from a plane, he was looking for the more subtle differences.

Take the FJC for example, do they tell you it will be fun, and that you'll jump out and then fly a parachute? Sort of, I guess, but they spend way more time talking about the 'what ifs', the things that could go wrong and what to watch out for. How many people actually have a cutaway on their first jump? How many people are taught to cutaway before their first jump?

Not all tunnel flyers are overconfident once they hit the DZ, we all know this. If you want to know the 'what ifs' of tunnel training for a skydiver, misplaced confidence is one them. It's not the majority of tunnel flyers, but it's something that happens and something to watch out for.

The truth is, if the majority of tunnel flyers created or exhibited a problem when they went to DZ, they wouldn't be going to DZs.

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