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Dec 9, 2011, 5:14 PM

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Re: [SethInMI] Model's Propeller Accident

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I feel that the most likely event chain went like this:

1. Plane comes to a stop, pilot shuts off engine and gets out.
2. Pilot helps passenger out.
3. Passenger goes over to greet waiting people, hugs, chats, starts to walk away.
4. Meanwhile, pilot gets back in plane, fires up engine, prepares to leave.
5. Passenger hears engine fire up, realizes plane is about to leave, "Oh I forgot to say goodbye!" rushes back over to plane.

This jives with the observation that it is difficult to exit with the pilot in his seat, and it would be odd to leave the plane running with the pilot outside the plane, and the reported fact that the pilot was preparing to taxi when the injury occurred.
I hope for the pilot's sake it happened that way, but if it did happen that way I'm sure it would've been reported as such. So far, the only version seems to be that she got of the plane started to walk away and then turned around to go back and thank the pilot and walked into the prop.

I do think it's interesting that the preliminary accident report lists the pilot as a "wiitness."

ETA: I found this quote from the FAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration said they are investigating the incident.

Lynn Lunsford, from the FAA, said: "It appears that the pilot left the engine running at idle while she exited the plane to switch places with another passenger.

"That's one of the aspects of the investigation."

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