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Dec 9, 2011, 9:00 AM

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Re: [rmarshall234] Model's Propeller Accident

Yeah I'm being harsh.

Pilots do have the responsibility for a proper briefing of their passengers on safety, and to be quite clear about where the life threatening hazards are. Beyond that... well, that's where the debate really is.

Over the years one always hears of over-enthusiastic passengers running out of an airplane and into a prop, completely forgetting where they are.

Edited to add:

One news story said that "Lauren's parents Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs said that they believe the 23-year-old walked back toward Richmond's plane at the private airport north of Dallas to say a final thank you, perhaps as he was preparing to take off again."

Still, who knows what the actual situation was, whether Lauren had fully deplaned safely before turning back, and whether the pilot was about to taxi the aircraft elsewhere.

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