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Marisan  (E 123)

Dec 6, 2011, 8:33 PM

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Re: [Ron] HP From an Old Fart


He was trying to blame canopies for the faults of the PILOTS.... It is clear he had an agenda and frankly I found most of it to be crap without any basis in reality.
So, Ron, what is your solution to the problem of jumpers that can't keep up with their canopy killing or injuring themselves? That's my reality.

I can only see two ways: Remove the inexperienced pilots (By Training them) or remove their access to HP Canopies until they have that training.

If there is a third way I'd be very happy to hear it.

Either way is going to take an element of compulsion.

Having canopy courses available doesn't work unless people HAVE to take them. (Witness Virgin Burner et al)

I applaud Bill Von for the difference he's making in his corner of the world but we need a world full of Bill Vons that have the authority to make their words mandatory.

And, for the record I don't have any agenda other than reducing the carnage.

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