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Dec 6, 2011, 1:53 PM

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Re: [virgin-burner] HP From an Old Fart

yea-yea, if you like sangi so much, why dont you guys get a room together!?

Can't say I know the guy.... I only know that he and you sure act the same based on your posts. And if you can't take a man at his word... Well...?

and pounding on your experience vs. mine only seems to imply that you have nothing else to support YOUR authorative (is that even a word!?) claims than just that.

Well, it goes to show that I have 10+ times the experience that you claim to have.

And I have brought valid arguments that you have not answered.

look, i'm tired of this stupid arguments

Then maybe you should avoid them?

you can jump rsl's, skyhooks all day since you probably will need it,

1. A lame attempt at a personal attack.
2. you clearly have no idea of my position on RSL's
3. I have PROVEN I don't need RSL's by having 7 times the number of malfunctions without one than you have.

i'm happy with audibles and a what i reckon to be safer pull-altitude

And it is OK to have an opinion. But you seem to think your opinion is more valid than a guy with 10 times your experience. And that somehow your opinion is right and everyone else is wrong.

I'll put any of your canopy skills up against mine ANY day.

And I'll put my experience up against yours any day.
The wise would bet on me.

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