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Nov 28, 2011, 1:22 PM

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Re: [DZRman] Cheapest place to skydive in america.

Recently discovered skydiving? Youtube or jumped already? Friends who aggressively wingsuit? And looking out for the cheapest DZ near you. The answers are simple:
1. Lodi
2. Hollister
3. Consider your goal and the monetary, personal and other's safety cost associated with it. Renting and owning a rig, jump suit, wingsuit gets you to 5-10k (not feet) before your first jump. Do you have healthcare, liability insurance? Do you take the risks for yourself and others seriously? 200 jumps minimum to go into wingsuiting times 10 USD makes 2000 USD. That is the difference between the cheapest to an average cost dropzone. The cheaper one may be ok for the experienced skydivers but probably not for newcomers. Please make a good choice for the sake of yourself and your fellow jumpers.

I forgot to add: Cost for helmet, altimeters, gopro or contour. But more important: Cost for coaching. This is VERY important and prices are pretty much equal in the US. The instructors/coaches do make the difference, no matter how much you pay for the jump.

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