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Nov 11, 2011, 3:28 PM

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Re: [sacex250] 2 out roof landing

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Wouldn't the presence of a camera, by your logic, cause a student to be more susceptible to a low pull because he's showing off for the camera?

That actually can and does happen.

Nice argument FAIL, genius.
As others have already alluded, you are showing your own inexperience, and clearly - NOT knowing, what you do not even know.

A good, conscientious outside camera-flyer professional will recognize when a FJC student is becoming either fixated or distracted by the camera being there, and will REMOVE it (i.e. himself/herself) from the situation tout-suite. A good, conscientious professional AFFI will recognize this, and quickly rotate the student AWAY from the camera (and yes, "sacrifice" the video in trade-off for the students SAFETY FIRST) if necessary.

I've in my experience, seen BOTH of these instances/examples, actually happen.

So now then, what more have you got, other than your totally specious, unfounded, completely empty (and inaccurate in their entirety) arguments? You would be well served instead of just spouting for the sake of hearing yourself spout, or insert yourself into subject matter you CLEARLY don't understand... instead maybe (really, truly) to STOP, THINK, LISTEN ...and CONSIDER

Your assertions and presumptions in this matter, as evidenced by your clearly incorrect (based) rebuttul(s) - other than for purpose of you maybe trying to be (apparently) inflammatory - are absolutely wrong.


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