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Nov 6, 2011, 1:16 AM

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Re: [angle228] Speed Tracking World Record 2012

Thank you angle228 for your comment

The horizontal track is defined:
a certain distance (from A to B on land) in a certain time. That's resulting in Groundspeed. But who cares about A and B in the air, when looking for top horizontal speed, right? I'm not sure if this is answering your question, sorry.

In training I realised that you can be too steep when looking for max. horizontal speed afterwards. Of course in Speed Tracking you need an angle down towards the ground; lets say its around 45. Otherwise it would be a flat track, resulting in max. glide ratio. In the video you only see scenes of the training with Babylon-Freefly; not the Speed Tracking itself. There I track much steeper, of course. Why 45?: because it's just betweeen the two goals: getting as much horizontal distance covered - while getting more and more speed. Both at the same time and according to each other. I think it will be a thin line between those two goals. The vertical speeders have to start from 0.0km/h horizontal speed, of course they will accelerate fast, but in this time they will loose some speed as well, we'll see. One interesting thing would also be: how much foreward speed is produced by true air speed of the skydiver, and how much is resulted in creating lift in the horizontal flight direction with changes of the body position. Maybe it will be a constantly slight change of really stretched speed-body-position - and shaping the shoulders as a kind of "wing". But anyway, I'm looking foreward to datas of speeders. Let's try! And if a speeder shows me his +500km/h or even 400km/h in horizontal flight, I will be the first one in a standing ovation!
Cheers and have a great weekend, Marc from Blue-Skied-Switzerland

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