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Nov 5, 2011, 9:51 PM

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Re: [hausair] Speed Tracking World Record 2012

"From aerobatics with gliders I know that you loose lots of energy when changing pitch from vertical to horizontal."

and where do you thing that energy goes when you go from verticle to horizontal? two main places (maybe some physics geeks on here can think of more....geeks)

A) its converted to heat or entroy
B) To makeing your ass fly a whole lot faster (horizontaly).....

I think you will find that a speed skydiver coming out of a full verticle dive into a track will have a MUCH MUCH (thats two muches) higher top speed that someone who is only attempting to gain speen via a horizontal track.

Also, How do you define a horizontal track... would there be a make slope that one could have to still be considered horizontal... how would you judge that?

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