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Oct 24, 2011, 6:50 AM

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Re: [Rugby82] Wearing lead

Frank's look pretty overdesigned for the use, but at least he looks like he's trying to get there. He should do a search and find the ones that Velocity used to make with the permanent wieght in the lumbar shape in the back - with pockets on the side to add more. Simpler, but the end goal is similar.

I don't thank anyone is making ones like those any more. They were about the best design out there for comfort. My wife was going to start trying to build a similar design, but we just don't make belts any more except for close friends. The cost of shot is just all over the place lately.

other options to the OP - some rigs can also be ordered with weight pouch in the back pad...

to no one in particular - the newer belts I've seen lately have been pretty disappointing, little reinforcement sewn in straps rather than straps that run the length of the belt,,,, the weights have actually come in plastic bags that are STAPLED shut. seriously?

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