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Oct 18, 2011, 7:51 AM

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Re: [Bertt] Wake turbulence and the Velocity

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"Maybe this is an issue that needs more awareness."
I'll second that. Pilots are taught about wake turbulence, but skydivers aren't. I'd say that information about wake turbulence should be included in the training along with info about turbulence from wind coming over buildings, etc.

Very true. Back in high school when I was going for my private pilot license (never got it, paying for college took priority), I was learning to fly at Quantico in Virginia. HMX-1 is stationed there which means they've got C-17s and C-130s constantly flying in and out depending on the president's travel schedule.

One day I was returning on a solo flight and entered the pattern behind a C-130. I was about a mile back and at about 1500 feet when all of a sudden the plane got buffeted and thrown into a dive. I quickly recovered and got back into downwind, now probably 1.25mi back. Same thing happened. Took about a second for it to click that his wake was frickin huge and I notified the tower I was heading to the pattern entry point to give my self some space.

Wake turbulence is definitely taught during ground school and the entire PPL progression. It should be included in the AFF program since our wings are susceptible to it and if it occurs it'll most likely be during the pattern where altitude is minimal.

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