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Namowal  (A 63059)

Oct 17, 2011, 8:47 AM

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Re: [wolfriverjoe] wonky freefall legs

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Have you tried heel clicks? I had the same problem. That's what worked for me...

I know that trick. I call it "no place like sky". Smile
It has helped a bit.

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The body awareness that is necessary in freefall didn't come easy for me. But it came eventually.

Good to hear. A lot of stuff I'm good at are things I was awful at when I started. Looks like stick-to-it-ivity is in order.

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First off, RELAX!

Let me try to put this in perspective. I have almost 44 hours of freefall time (ie: experience), that is a little over one weeks work experience at a new job.

You have what?, 10 minutes of actual freefall and 30 minutes of tunnel time. RELAX. No one is really a natural at a new job, let alone a totally new environment like freefall.

Yes, it takes some longer than others, but, if you RELAX and let it happen, it will come sooner.

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I had similar issues when I was getting started. I started doing yoga and it helped a lot. I became a lot more aware of how I was positioning my body. It also helps you breath and stay relaxed when you are under stress.

Good points. Thanks.

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