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Oct 17, 2011, 7:58 AM

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Re: [jknox] Holiday Boogie or Perris/Eisinore?

I can't comment with any 1st hand knowledge on Perris/Snore coaching availability, but I wouldnt expect any of these 3 DZs to have coaches available if you just show up there during what can be their busiest month and expect people to be idle, waiting for your business. Pick a DZ, call, and make plan with a coach there. Eloy would have some for sure IF you plan ahead.

In terms of size, Eloy will probably be a bigger boogie than Perris, and then again Snore. All will have load organizers, events, etc.

If what you really want to focus on is the jumping/tunnel, I'd say Eloy. If you want to have other things to do and check out, Perris/Snore has more "stuff" close to the DZ to make it more a vacation than purely a skydiving trip.

I like Eloy Wink, but wouldnt mind CA either...

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