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Oct 5, 2011, 8:20 AM

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Re: [skymama] Generic Skydive Noob Rant

@ skymama, thanks for the welcome! And you can bet I'll continue, I thought it all true, and I'll most probably start in spring 2012. I've thought about doing it now, but I'll change jobs next Monday, so things are a bit hectic for me now.

If I start now, there's also a good chance that my AFF would be halted by winter too. I'm not an expert, but I reckon it isn't a good idea to have a pause of 4 or 5 months between AFF jumps. Also it has become autumn this week, so the weather kinda sucks, and usually it stays more or less suck-ish untill March or so.

On the bright side of things: this way I can safe loads of extra cash which always comes in hand with the less cheap activities.

But I'm way ahead of myself, now. Which is btw a promising sign.

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