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Sep 21, 2011, 11:34 AM

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Re: [Scrumpot] What do you do??

OK, I get it now. Please forgive the old brain cell glitch.

To me "terminal" simply means rate of descent and has nothing to do with anything being out of the container.

Some high-speed mals have no canopy over your head and yes, I agree, a transfer may not be applicable in those situations.

My original statement simply said, "High-speed @800 ft= transfer" and I only had in mind those with canopy out.

And yes, the OP examples, and his comment,"...but not a streamer" indicate low-speed mals with lots of nylon out.
I just thought I'd add my thoughts on high-speed mals.

The four mals I listed, were simply to highlight low-speed vs high-speed....not intended to specify anything other than that.

In the big scheme of things, yes, I would agree that in the case of some low-altitude, high-speed mals, a straight-up cut and deploy might work better. A bag lock would fit that scenario simply because of the timing factor of the reserve PC inflation and the cutaway. I'd hate to have the reserve PC inflate, rise up and get entangled with whatever is out before I could cutaway.

But then, OTOH, getting the reserve PC out and inflating before you lost too much altitude could be a life saver if you got the other stuff cutaway soon enough....especially so at low altitude.

How's that?

Oh...BTW, swooping? All bets are off. I'm no swooper and cannot, and will not offer, advice on handling that.

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