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Sep 21, 2011, 8:27 AM

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Re: [Scrumpot] What do you do??

High speed/low speed = rate of descent

Line twists = Low speed
End cell closure = Low speed
Bag lock = high speed
PCIT = high speed

Personally, I teach high/low speed in my FJC.

Yes, a bag lock, and some other mals, will be at terminal or so near as to be negligible. I think that is what you were missing.

The original supposition was that the main was already out and we're experiencing a non-survivable descent rate, or at least one that will result in major injury.

At such a low altitude, one can consider a transfer simply because of the time it takes to cutaway first and then deploy the reserve. For a given amount of time, there will be a significant loss of altitude in a high-speed situation. So, the transfer makes sense in that getting the reserve out while you still have at least something affecting your rate of descent is an option.

Now, the kicker is when do you cut? Too late and an entanglement can happen. Too soon and you defeat the benefit of the transfer. The whole idea is to make maximum use of the altitude you have left.

Does that help?

Personally, I have not had to do a transfer. I have trained my self to do it if/when it becomes necessary but as yet, knock on wood, it hasn't happened to me and being an old fart, I'm doing everything I can to prevent the situation in the first place.

I'd like somebody that has had to do one to pipe in and share his/her experience. If they do, take note: every situation is different and the results they obtained my not be the result you obtain.

Does that help?

Caveat: I do NOT recommend this for students. Stick with your training, whatever that is.

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