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Scrumpot  (D License)

Sep 21, 2011, 8:04 AM

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Re: [popsjumper] What do you do??

We must be misconstruing terms here between us, Andy - or again, I just plain simply misunderstood. To me, "terminal" = in freefall; i.e. ]nothing out.

Your reply was:
Terminal? Transfer.

Which seems to me, to be an oxymoron. Mutually exclusive.

I guess my question, more appropriately phrased then, would be (and maybe what I can't quite conceptualize in relation to your answer to the OP) is: How do you get to "terminal" with your main already out?

Your main being out is the 1st most critical pre-requisite to being able to execute a canopy transfer in the 1st place, right? So, this is where you have lost me.

This is what I am now looking for clarification from you on. That (the quote) was your answer. I clearly don't understand it. So, before we move on to even further considerations (and definition interpretations) of "high-speed" versus "low-speed" - can you please further define then what your concept, or definition of "terminal" is maybe? Perhaps you did not mean to use the term "terminal"? Or maybe I am somehow misconstruing your intended meaning of it, and my definition of the term rather just (apparently has to) differs from yours.

I have no specific opposition to an experienced jumper executing a canopy transfer in say for instance - what could be termed a high-speed malfunction at 800ft AGL (example: your main gets suddenly torn literally in 1/2 by a swooper colliding completely through it from above) - in fact, in that instance I would probably recommend it!

How can a person be possibly at "terminal" though, at 800ft (the OP's premise/scenario) with their main already out? To me, "terminal" implies freefall - which then actually precludes a canopy transfer possibility in it's entirety - by definition.

So one last time, what am I missing here?

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