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Rdutch  (D 24618)

Sep 16, 2011, 8:06 AM

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Re: [-ftp-] What do you do??

wasnt unconcious, but I cutaway at close to 800 ft no problem with my skyhook. I had an RDS malfunction, and one of the rings hung up on my 79, closing the front cells. to keep it flying straight I had to pull the other toggle all the way down. I was shaking my front riser and it was working its way down until my alarm went off to start my turn to land. I cutaway and it worked fine. Also when we did test drops for reserves they were done at about 300ft. These were with steel not people. But as an AFF instructor Im supposed to say under 1000ft no cutaways, pull your reserve and add material. So based on your gear its different. Im not adding a 106 reserve to a 79 main, Unless IM really low.

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