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Sep 16, 2011, 6:47 AM

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Re: [beowulf] Freefly suit

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Some FF suits have grippers. I don't see booties ever being added to a FF suit. I personally don't see a need for grippers and only had it on one suit and I hated it.

I'm still out to lunch on the grippers idea for VRW - I don't yet see the need really considering the pool and where people are taking grips, as well as the control/precision needed at those energies. IMHO

I had a concept for something analogous to booties (search footies - maybe it's still here). The question is whether that extra surface area and power and control is really needed vs just continuing down the path of more and more form fitting cuts (IMO more and more form fitting is definitely the right evolution - funny how aerodynamics and physics still apply).

it's interesting how FF suits are evolving almost exactly as RW suits did at first - that's why the successful concepts from RW should be assessed, at least, for FF suits as they go tighter and smoother.

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