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Sep 1, 2011, 11:52 AM

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Re: [hokierower] Mantis Position

IMO - Mantis is a very effective and efficient way to fly. The more precise I am in maintaining the basic concepts the better I fly my body.

I took a hell of a lot more than 70 jumps or 20 minutes of tunnel time to get there.

Give it a few 100 jumps before deciding - you won't be disappointed. I had to unlearn 1000 jumps of boxman to get there and with an additional 3000 I find the mantis lessons help with every aspect of flying, including my freeflying.

(Many also don't realize that the concept of mantis contains a pretty wide range of arm and leg positions and they are turned off by the false concept that it has to be 'exactly just so' rather than just working certain basics. there is not a lot of complexity in the idea of the following:

1 - a VERY defined center/low point on the body where the flow stagnation point stays put (whereas boxman has an 'area' of center where it dances around, mantis tries to define the 'point' to as small as can be)
2 - leveraging the legs/booties for power (better than boxman which uses shoulders and torso, ignoring the huge surface area of the legs/booties)
3 - freeing up the arms (also better than boxman)
4 - balanced moves at the extreme leverage points (high radius inputs - vs boxman which again uses shoulders and torques the center of mass)
5 - straight spine and minimal head switch movement to maintain the center points (again, boxman can be swirly as the spine contorts)
6 - the energy of controlled air movement gives stability like an airplane wing (boxman you gain stability from arm/leg drag - like a shuttlecock's feathers)

I'm not sure what's less 'efficient' about this - even in skydiving, the laws of physics still apply.

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