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MagnanimousAnt  (D 99999)

Aug 6, 2011, 1:32 PM

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Voting on posts?

I was just wondering if you guys have thought about implementing some kind of voting mechanism for individual posts, similar to what they have on Stack Exchange sites. (Up vote for good posts, down vote for bad posts.) Might be a good way to allow the community to moderate itself. Posts voted down enough times could be deleted or hidden and responses consisting solely of "+1" would no longer be necessary. Seems to me this would go a long way in reducing the crapola** moderators and users alike have to wade through. Might also reduce some of the (apparent) antagonism between certain users and certain moderators.

I did a search for similar suggestions, but didn't see any so I thought I'd throw in my input. Take it or leave it, of course, but thanks for listening. :D

**Crapola, meaning pointless bitching, blatantly bad advice, etc, etc.

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