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Aug 1, 2011, 8:40 AM

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Re: [champu] Open door on takeoff

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Yeah, I don't really care what's "allowed"... If I'm there I close the door until seat belts are off at 1000 ft and people get done moving to the floor and shifting around.

Are you comfy pulling your either your reserve or main at 1000 ft? I'm not (reserve is close I guess). If the pilot wants it closed to a certain altitude x, and I'm comfy at altitude y for reserve exit, and all the seatbelts are off. then door opens at the higher of x and y. (If I'm at the door). let TMs bitch for another minute - they will live.

My favorite is when a DZ has a closed door policy of any kind - so the jumpers only open the door 3-6 inches or so. I like that - it's big enough for a pilot chute to escape, just not a body........Crazy the door should either be open, or closed, part way is really just stupid

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