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Jul 12, 2011, 7:56 PM

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Re: [billvon] Blocked from certain forums.

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>You should just ban me, and allow others that use this IP address, to have their own
>access to all the forums...

Since you have been posting under different user names, that is often not possible. If you continue that we will have to disable a range of IP addresses which may affect many other people in your area.

For the sake of the people in your area who want to use legitimately, please stop with the alternative usernames.

That assertion is only your assumption.

I am a separate person to Rhys, and have offered you the finer details of that to prove so but only if you can assure me they will not be passed onto another entity (Airtec, APF, ASC) you still believe I am Rhys, I am not and I can prove I am not.

Why not just sign the letter or offer some legitimate assurance and this will become a lot clearer to you.

The management requested that I provide my personal details to prove I am not using multiple accounts.

I requested (immediately) that supply a signed statement that those details would not be released to any to other entity based on the litigious nature of the topics being discussed. I have observed the moderators overlooking the rules on many occasions when it suited them. I have more than enough reason that there is a background snitch fest going on. You guys have made that quite clear.

I was informed that it is not possible for the management to sign such a statement. That is false, lazy or ignorant, you decide.

It is quite clear that are more interested in looking after the commercial interests of advertisers rather than allowing completely open dialogue of subjects pertaining to the actions of these entities.

My offer of supplying my personal details still stands, if you can provide assurance that the will not provide that information to anyone else.

Rhys was banned for discussing Airtec's false claims in their official bulletin that is what prompted me to make an account to continue that message; we are a tight crew here.

Yes my views are similar and we are friends, but that does not make us the same person.

I am a separate individual and deserve my own opportunity to present my views, these views are pertinent to how the whole community views the AAD situation.

The information I have provided in what has essentially become a whistle blowing exercise could effect my financial position due to my association with the other companies involved.

This is a reasonable request don't you think?

I have made this clear to you already.

It is your failure the supply this assurance that is restricting other users in this area, not my actions

Nothing else.

I have been collecting Dialogue and messages from Rhys and other users that have been forced to 'shut up' upon request of management. This includes threats of litigation and defamation statements form moderators.

You guys play a large role in what is perceived by the community as gospel, so I suggest you start to act within your own rules or you may find yourselves tied up in a debacle that you shouldn't necessarily be involved in, and most definitely do not want to be.

If this information is needed in the future by anybody it will be supplied to whoever would like it.

And for now you have inhibited more than a dozen separate skydivers form receiving information on incidents, rigging and other subjects, our rigger from reading details on rigging advisories etc.

Not cool!

I suggest you implement a more satisfactory method of inhibiting certain users from using the forums. You are saying that you will ban a whole DZ for the actions of one person... Unacceptable.

Yes you can decide who can and who cannot participate in discussions with the broad nature of your disclaimer, but the more you lose your integrity and shift from the interests of the skydivers to the companies that advertise with you, the less traction any discussions on this website have to everybody.

It is a shame that ego and failure to see the bigger picture has replaced common sense and dignity.

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