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Jul 9, 2011, 12:37 PM

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Re: [crotalus01] Small Format camera/AFF

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Isn't outside video on an AFF jump frowned on as a serious distraction to the student?
I'm not an Instructor and I don't jump camera so no other comment on the pic, except that I would like to see that GoPro footage.

Only if the videographer makes him/herself a distraction. Outside video is very common on first jump AFF.
Which is worse for a student? The potential distraction of a videographer in the wrong place, or the potential PCIT/entanglement with an instructors helmet?

How's this for a scenario....(based on above image...)

Instructor causes student to go below hard deck because instructor doesn't want to break off camera so that the student main can deploy. Student freaks out and deploys reserve (or AAD fires) which then completes the pull for the main. An entanglement may ensue, and at the least a first jump student has a two-out due to an instructor's error.

Several scenarios, but that's a pretty bad one, isn't it?

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