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Jul 9, 2011, 7:20 AM

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Re: [Para5-0] Summer Board Meeting

The Argus AAD situation with cutter malfunctions was discussed but the only thing that the USPA BOD was involved with is getting the manufacturers of the rigs and the AAD to discuss the situation with each other. USPA will have no recommendations as to the outcome of the situation.

The PIA's views: Still five manufacturers not allowing Argus in their rigs unless a cutter redesign occurs making it more reliable.

Lawsuits naming USPA: There are three currently in contention. One of which I informed the plaintiff's attorney that they did not have a vialble case against the USPA. I have been informed that there are numerous "bad vibes" about me being an expert witness in skydiving matters simply because I was a plaintiff's expert witness against a pilot who, in the opinion of five major MEL Jump Pilots was not operating an aircraft safely leading to an injury of a skydiver (partial permanent paralysis). What the public has not been told is that I have helped shut down at least 12 other lawsuits where either I informed the plaintiff's attorneys that they didn't have a case or that the attorneys settled for fear of a costly court battle. No matter what I said was the responsibility of the injured party, it seems that insurance companies prefer to settle rather than fight it out in court.

We have been informed that Rick Horn, one of the second tier of the original AFF Course Directors passed away three weeks ago. He was Alpaca farming/raising in CA. Cancer got him.

The Summer 2012 meeting location has been selected as Minneapolis, MN.

The S&T committee is working on issues involving Tandem Demo Jumps into Level 2 stadiums.

Tandem Manufacturer's "19 Commandments" are being examined.

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