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Jun 30, 2011, 7:11 AM

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Re: [sundevil777] Angle Flying/Atmonauti

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Not that stupid, completely senseless diagram again!

It shows a zero angle of attack, claiming that you can get enough lift (even though they aren't making the shape with their body that would make lift, and they are at a zero angle of attack) that the relative wind will be in the same direction as your body is pointed, that you will be travelling in that same direction that you are pointed! Do you really believe that? Even the group of pics of people supposedly doing atmowhatever clearly show that not to be the case, but the diagram persists...

You need not wonder why atmowhatever is ridiculed when they continue to make such stupid claims.

I'm sure it is fun, and is a lot more involved than a simple tracking dive, but you aren't travelling with the wind going as indicated.

I think this diagram is just to give a basic indication of the position.. and it does that fine.

In the "atmo" position, the air does feel like its going head to toe, in reality, you will be at a small angle of attack.

However, what you said in the quote is not true - cambered airfoils, or more simply shapes with greater curvature over the top than the underside can in fact produce lift at a zero angle of attack. The rig on one's back may be creating this effect but aerodynamics around a human are very complex and subtle.

Whether Atmo can produce better lift to drag ratios than a track I am not sure. It is however operating farther away from the stall which means the speed will be greater (obviously).

In a track, you may or may not be stalled.. as in flow separating off your back. The flying human is an extremely low aspect ratio aerofoil, which means that we stall at very (high 20 - 30 degree, perhaps) angles of attack. It would be useful to look at the results for delta wings of small AR and compare them to how we fly...

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