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Jun 21, 2011, 8:57 PM

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Re: [mchamp] Angle Flying/Atmonauti

Lastly, so if all this is merely considered to be in "American English" "steep tracking" what would you call tracking in 2 groups that go from side to side above and below each group with 1 leader each?

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So here's a couple questions to ponder. If you have a track dive, but then you make it a bit more complicated of a track dive by having two leaders and tracking around each other, at what point does it stop being a track dive? When you have more than angle X but less than angle Y? Does more than one leader stop making a track dive a track dive? What if there was no particular leader, is it still not a track dive?

If you take a belly RW dive, but have two bases that fly up and over the other, at what point does it stop being a belly RW dive? There are certain 4way FS blocks that do exactly that.

If you do a spaceball jump but use more than one spaceball and let them drift around each other, does it stop being a spaceball dive?

Speaking of Carolinafest, there we all saw a double raft dive where flyers flew two inflatable rafts relative to each other, up and over each other. Is it still not a raft dive?

Maybe a track dive stops being a track dive when you make a website about it and start offering to issue instructors licenses in track dives for a fee.

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