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Jun 16, 2011, 4:59 AM

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Re: [davelepka] Angle Flying/Atmonauti

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It's just like 'New Coke' if anyone remembers that. The product itself was all that different from 'old Coke' and it was largely a marketing ploy, and in the end, largely a failure.

The difference is that Atmo is successful in pretty much every country except for the USA as far as a being recognised as its own dicipline.

I (almost) did an angle jump in America that was organised by a very experienced freeflyer with 13000 jumps etc etc blah blah.. He was a freefly guru and an awesome tunnel coach too... anyway.

Myself and my swiss buddy had been doing a bunch of really nice Atmo jumps at the time making a bunch of points, rotating positions, flying had level and having fun. We were calling our jumos Atmo jumps (rightfully so) with some confused looks from our american peers.

Anyway this load organiser, looked at me and my buddy in the dirt dive and said;

"I know you guys are flying head level on your angle jumps, but on this dive we are going to strictly fly a delta formation" He dared not say Atmo...

We said OK, laughed (at him) and went and did our own jump and made a bunch of points and had a bunch of fun. They did thier 'burble each other' serious jump no points and not quite grasping the finer details...

My Point?

You can tell an American, but you can't tell them much.


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