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May 5, 2011, 10:32 AM

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Re: [jumpsalot-2] Gloves?

It's funny how Square One only carries two brands of gloves....Their own brand SQ1..for the educated group and Neumann's Tackified for the truely uneducated jumpers that just don't get it. ....I mean...according to you of course
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Yup...and they sell 40.00 ProTec's and 400.00 composite helmets.

The 40.00 model actually offers better impact protection but most would rather go with the expensive option for the cool factor.

Even 'truly educated' jumpers buy with their hearts and not their heads. Sly

Buy whatever makes ya feel good it's your money, but my experience shows me tight batting gloves from Walmart cost 1/3 the price and last longer, and grit doesn't stick to them and get transferred to your gear.

Think about it for a minute...SQ1 carries THEIR brand, and an over priced, quick to wear out dirt magnet.

Wonder which they want ya to buy?Shocked

If they carried 'their' brand AND a cheaper/better type NOT their brand...wouldn't be real good salesmanship would it? Wink

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