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Apr 28, 2011, 8:26 AM

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Re: [murray16] fast Fall rate how to change

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yeah we started out as a 4 way with 3 of my buddys and were all under 100 jumps and more people just kept joining up while we were dirt diving so we said what the heck.

Aha! Well, that explains it.

This is typical when a bunch of people with low jump numbers start making larger formations. (Well, actually I have seen a lot of very experienced people do this too, and swear they don't.)

When it is only a 3 or 4 way, people notice when someone is missing from the formation and start looking around and maybe make the formation fall faster to help their buddy.

But once is gets much bigger than that, people just dock on the formation, stop paying attention to their fall rate, start getting stiff trying to hold on, create a lot of tension which increases the drag, and make the formation fall _really_ slow.

If the faster fallers don't get there quick enough, they are going to go low. And those that go low are always blamed, seldom do the people making the formation go so slow get blamed.

Your choices are probably obvious enough.

You can be the base, you can stick to smaller formations, you can get a big enough jumpsuit to compensate, or you can jump with people who know not to do this.

I use number 1 and 3 because I am not that fond of 2 and I usually can't find enough 4.

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